The Indian Boy

"Pow Wow, the Indian boy, loved all the animals and the woods;
Pow Wow, the Indian boy, loved all the animals and the woods;
Pow Wow was a friend of all the animals in the woods,
If there was any trouble he would help them if he could;
If Pow Wow couldn't help them he would go to the Medicine Man,
And he would tell them stories just how it all began, all began, all began."

Produced by Tempe-Toons 1956
Presented by Leo and Walter Minskoff
Executive Producer Leon Marcus
Directed by Sam Singer
Animation - Tom Baron
Story - Ben Hardaway
Music - Monty Kelly


Based on Indian folklore, The Adventures of Pow Wow first appeared from January 30, 1949 through March 13, 1949 as a very limited-animation local 15 minute Sunday morning program on New York's WNBT-TV. It reappeared in 1956 as a series of 52 five minute black and white films on CBS-TV's Captain Kangaroo show. Pow Wow was syndicated by Screen Gems to the eleven western U.S. states which did not air Captain Kangaroo at the time.


The series left Captain Kangaroo's show in early 1958 and was syndicated beginning in May, 1958 as filler for local kid shows. In New York the later shorts were aired Saturday mornings on WRCA-TV (later WNBC-TV) as part of Ray Forrest's Children's Theater (which also aired the original Jay Ward-Alex Anderson Crusader Rabbit cartoons). In Chicago they appeared on WGN-TV's Garfield Goose and Friends. Tele-Features, the company which distributed Sam Singer's Courageous Cat™ and Minute Mouse cartoons, took over syndication of The Adventures of Pow Wow in 1960. Sam Singer passed away on January 25, 2001, at the age of 88.



Pow Wow and the Hungry Frog Pow Wow and the Grasshopper
All's Well That Ends Well Ruffy Rabbit and His Lucky Foot
The Snowshoe Rabbit Sleepy Head
Pow Wow and His Lucky Duck Pow Wow Builds a Canoe
One Rainy Afternoon How the Turtle Got His Shell
Pow Wow's Day of Labor Burro'ing Trouble
The Vagabond Mouse Don't Fence Me In
The Eagle Feathers The Treasure Hunt
Pow Wow in Frog Jumping The Pogo Stick
The Flying Saucer Pow Wow and the Duck Hunter
Pow Wow and His Magic Moccasins Turtle Trouble
Pow Wow the Junior Medicine Man The Tail of a Tornado
How Ruffy Rabbit Got His Hop The Beaver Boys
The Baby Sitter Pow Wow and the Lil' Medicine Man
Percy Pelican's Fish Dinner Pow Wow and the Shooting Star
How the Fox Got His White Tipped Tail The Little Builders
Pow Wow and the Stork Playin' Possum
The Beginning of Fire Pow Wow's Picnic
How the Bear Got a Short Tail Why Burly Bear Likes Honey
Kangaroo Mouse The Bad Egg
Pow Wow in Bear Trouble The Giant Crow
Pow Wow Gets Even The Magic Powder
The Magic Spigot Pow Wow and the Uranium Hunt
Pow Wow and the Phantom Pony The Buffalo Hunt
Pow Wow and the Crow

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Tempe-Toons/Sam Singer (CBS-TV/syndicated) 1957

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